Shameless Audacity

Episode 7 Are YOU Addicted to Approval?

August 19, 2021 Jessica Fernandez, PhD Season 1 Episode 7
Shameless Audacity
Episode 7 Are YOU Addicted to Approval?
Show Notes

At some point during my childhood, I developed an addiction to approval that has carried over into adulthood. There was no pivotal moment. It was just a series of events throughout my life. We learn very quickly as children that if we get good grades, make the team, help others, do everything that is expected, then people will be pleased with us. So what has God been teaching me about breaking this addiction to people-pleasing?

  • He taught me that people didn’t die on the cross for my sins. Only Jesus did that. 
  • He taught me to refuse to be defined by people. 
  • He taught me when I’m tempted to please people, surrender to Him.

Here are some questions to challenge you and encourage personal growth:

  • Do you desire for everyone to like you?
  • Are you afraid to say no, even when you don’t have the time or resources to complete the favor?
  • When you make a decision, do you ask 10 people for their advice before you make a decision?
  • What is driving you to please others?
  • Has your opinion about yourself been formed by other’s opinions of you?
  • What do you think about yourself?
  • What do you think God says about you?
  • Do you want to stop being a people-pleaser? Because if you don’t want to stop, then you will continue to be a slave to others.
  • If you want to stop being a people-pleaser, what are some things that you are doing now that are solely to make others happy?
  • How can you treat yourself better?

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