Shameless Audacity

Episode 1 Walking in Obedience

June 10, 2021 Jessica Season 1 Episode 1
Shameless Audacity
Episode 1 Walking in Obedience
Show Notes

Ready, Set , Go - Being ready when God calls you to action, having the faith to move forward!

Noah was asked to walk in obedience in a BIG way. Noah teaches us to:

1) Prepare for the opportunity we don’t see
2) Learn to recognize the voice of the Lord
3) When you hear the Lord do it with faith, do it afraid, and do it immediately:

  • faith disrupts your normal
  • faith requires sacrifice
  • faith makes us uncomfortable

Here are some questions to challenge you and encourage personal growth:

  • Are you prepared for the opportunities you don’t see?
  • In what way or what area is asking you to get prepared?
  • Is it in your finances, health, ministry, career, motherhood?
  • Do you recognize when God is speaking to you? If not, what is stopping you from hearing the voice of God?

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